Monday, August 24, 2009

If ANTM was more like Home Makeover I'd like it

I know it is one of the most popular shows out there, but if America's Next Top Model was more like Home Makeover I'd like it. 8 reasons why the show sucks, and what it needs to improve on.

The show should help the girls not just put them down.

The show should bring out the girls assets and not just pick out their flaws.

The show should include showcasing all types of modeling, commercial print, parts, not just fashion. Models are used in everything from cell phone ads, to tampon commercials, to travel ads to contact lenses, nail care, hair care, every day something you use a model modeled for.

There are not enough smiles. Most of the girls on the show look scared, nervous and like they pissed their pants.

The show has given America a top model but how come we don't hear about her or her doing anything 6 months after the show is done with? That's weird?

The show should teach the girls how to market themselves and what they do have so that when they get kicked off they have some sort of a plan. And they at least know how to go about pursuing modeling after Tyra tells them to flick off. The show should be more assisting to the girls and the fact that they have chosen them to be apart of a television show to teach them something about modeling, but yet there is no follow up, how is this girl doing, what happened to that one. It's like, we will take girls who know nothing about modeling and tease and make fun of them on aspects that actually really do not "make them a model" anyways, and then say Goodbye. Things like this can mess with the mind. I also would like to hear more of the model opinion on what Tyra is teaching them...I'd love to hear a girl say "WHY the heck did I have to hold a snake today, how does that make me a model?"

Granted certain modeling agencies are involved on the show but more than just a fashion agency should be approached to be featured as an opportunity the winner gets.

It is just reality TV, yes I know this, but it could be a show about more than limited elements of the modeling industry. Don't limit the viewer. Modeling is WAY more than fashion Tyra.

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