Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am against modeling schools

A girl on Facebook recently mentioned she was considering going to a modeling school or taking modeling classes.

This was my blunt and hopefully helpful reply:

I am a hugely against modeling schools. Well, for anyone who really wants to model. Here is why: They teach you only about high fashion only (a short girl doesn't need that info anyways), they teach you how to walk ( a short girl doesn’t need to learn to walk, until Designers like Chanel suddenly hire a bunch of short chicks to rock the runway,-the runway is not the print models forte' is it modeling products...so -sorry darlings, the modeling school WALK doesn't really have a point) and the Modeling Schools focus on self esteem but this is something a girl who wants to model should already have. Rejection is apart of the word Model. It goes with the word pick-yourself-up and try again. So in my opinion skip the modeling school and it cost wayyyyyy toooooo muuuuuuuchhhh money. Put that money towards professional heads, good compcards, and a load of stamps and mail your comp cards to agencies. It is a self-made world these days and you have to jump on your own train and not be afraid to say “here I am,” this is me. I should make a tee-shirt that reads: Modeling Schools Suck. :) That's my opinion. If you have thousands to blow go for it, but I don't and never did and I don't think a modeling school is the best choice. No classes needed. Like D.A.R.E- Just Say No!

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Anonymous said...

That makes complete sense! I would have never thought of all those points you hit on my own! Thanks Isobella!!