Saturday, August 1, 2009

How do you find a professional photographer?

A girl asked me recently: How do you find a professional photographer?

Well you have to actually "work" and put "effort" into finding a good photographer.

In this digital and Internet-age it is harder and harder for a girl to find professionalism and the last place she should look is "the Internet".

Here are my thoughts on the struggles of finding a professional photographer.
You want to work with someone with a photography business, not just a camera.

Approach a headshot photographer, a photographer that has a full time photography business and these days even the yellow pages are more legit than the crap on the Internet. Or you could call the print agency you want to work with an ask if they can refer to a photographer. Or you could call an acting school as well.

The first shots an aspiring model needs for print modeling:
1. headshot
2. a full body shot that shows your personality/smile, like an ad for a cell phone co.

A professional photographer typically will also have “photo packages” listed on their website as well.
It is okay and a good idea to invest in yourself and pursuits. When you are looking for that "free ride" it can lead to major mistakes, letdowns and bad photos.

No one said finding quality was easy or cheap. Finding quality and professional’s takes time, and work, and amateur-land is a waste of time. For modeling your photos are your life line, they represent to an agency the type of model you are, so aim high and be realistically ambitious and smart about the photos you create.

These days in a world where so many girls want to be models you have to strive to create the best photography you can, and you have to cerate shots that WILL help you accomplish your goals. Not just make you “another chick with her photo taken.”

If you have a small budget you could also go to a photography school or college and strive to work with students perhaps for a starter headshot. 

The higher you aim to work with someone who “knows the craft of photography” the better. You wouldn’t want any random person giving you a gynecologist exam, so have the same standards with the photography you do and the photographer you choose. I am serious.

I hope this helps.

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Anonymous said...

Good article but sometimes it's best to find someone you know well and trust who's skilled with photography, even as a hobby, in order to save trouble. That is if you want to start modeling. Also, make a list of the types of shoots you want to do.