Friday, August 14, 2009

have you heard of Agencypro? reply here

A girl asked me today “have you heard of Agencypro for a tool to help…my agency offered it to me for a small price?”

I told her:

The system to me seems like is a scam.

And your agency that is suggesting it seems that it is fishy too.
The agency is the one that is suppose to be marketing you to clients for modeling jobs, castings, and bookings. Not making you pay for stuff like that. They want you to pay for something that will help you? That sounds a backwards to me! They should be the ones helping and marketing you. Give them your compcard and they should be using it to market you for modeling jobs and castings. That is the job of an agency. Think about it: why do you need an agent? So they can market you to castings, bookings and jobs and take a percent of the job.

I would not sign up for this casting service. A sign of a scam is any busines/service, with testimonials. There is a very slim chance you will book anything at all especially dealing with a software program not a real agent.

Professional agents get great bookings because they have a great reputation of having great models. So aim higher and you will get better opportunities.

A website that says “book work through instant online submissions” is unrealistic if you want to really be a model.

A website that says “Save $$ since you don't have to print and mail your photos” doesn’t know anything about the industry. I don’t like how the website says you don’t need to print your headshot, because you always need printed material to model. That is wrong. You totally need a headshot, and having your photo on a website does not get you ahead. You need to work with real, physical people, who work at an agency, not some computer program.

ActorsAccess, Backstage, NYCastings are better choices if you want to use casting websites. However I strongly feel a model can not rely on electronic or internet marketing. Especially if you are ambitious and have goals. You need physical model marketing tools to get ahead as a model. When you have a casting, you need a compcard! No other way. You have to leave photos at the casting for the person casting the models to review after they meet you, and you should want to come off as professional. Coming in empty handed is unprofessional. Saying just go to my website or profile is not appropriate. Or taken seriously.

I stress to take it upon your self to make a compcard. Mail it to legit agencies and the agencies that are legit will take it, and market you. If the agency calls you back it means something looks good on your compcard most likely. Legit agencies don’t waste time meeting you unless they think they can work with you and your compcard. You might need help to improve your photos, but the legit agency will never force you to work with a certain photographer and will at least take your compcard if they like it.

The internet might seem like the most convenient place to market yourself. But it is not. It is better to get a printed compcard and headshot and mail it to real agencies.

It is hard to market yourself sometimes, I wrote all about my mistakes in my memoir Almost 5'4" -which I think will inspire you, and it is a challenge when you are new to this. It is not easy when there are many scams. My advice: Question it before you say yes.

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