Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hair color and modeling question answered

A girl on Facebook recently asked me: I am just starting my very first portfolio and compcard but all my pictures have my different looks. Can I use the photos where my hair is different or do my pictures all have to have how my hair looks now?

Here is my reply, it might also help your own pursuit:

For print modeling typically in ads for lifestyle products (everything from cell phones to fast food, and for commercial print modeling jobs) it is best to have one color. However I think it is ok to show your diversity as well on your compcard so I would say include "one photo" that showing your hair a different color or style is ok. It also shows you have a range and usually in fashion the models change their looks alot but in commercial print modeling, for print modeling agencies (which is what a shorter model should pursue) it is better for a shorter girl to show her hair one color.

Example; look at ads, watch commercials, you will notice "most" of the time the model/actor has one color of hair.

Also a client typically tells an agency 'we want a blond, a brunette, a red head, etc." Not "multi colored. So it helps to stick to one color for print modeling basically.

I hope this helps, :) Glad you found my blog!

Isobella Jade

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