Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does a short girl get signed to a modeling agency?

A girl on Facebook recently asked me: How does someone try to become a signed model? People are telling me I need a portfolio. Isn't that something an agency provides? (Like the direction in which the agency wants to market you.) I have a polaroid camera should I get someone to photograph me and just go to an open call?

I wasn't sure of her height, so assumed she was short. I told her:

Many times a shorter girl does not get signed by an agency right away, infact it might not happen all together. Or at all.

Don't worry though, getting signed is not the end-all and not having a modeling contract doesn't mean you can't model. You can model while working non-exclusively with commercial print modeling agencies. A commercial print modeling agency works non-exclusively with many models, so it is usual.

For a shorter girl, especially, it is all about you knowing how you can be an asset to an agency and targeting your photos around that. Actually, YOU, as the model, create your photos and manage your own photography while working non-exclusive with agencies and while trying to work with print modeling agencies, which can come as a shock to many shorter girls that email me,message me, facebook, myspace, twitter, me, etc. There is real work involved for a shorter girl to work with agencies. Real work.

Commercial Print modeling should be your focus.

To work with a commercial print modeling agency you do to make your own compcard and portfolio too. An agency for commercial print modeling does not make it for you. Do don't expect this. Also you might be surprised to learn that there are no open calls either for commercial print modeling. You mail your photos by postal mail to the agency. Mailing a compcard is best.

It is how I did it. Sort of like a painter needs his paint and paint brush, you need to make your compcards and marketing tools to give to the agencies to market you with. It might sound different from what you hear in the media and on reality Tv but commercial print modeling involves these things:

1. Creating photos that have a commercial print appeal, happy, smiles, energy, think of print ads for cell phones, fast food, smiles, upbeat energy. Here is a sample of photos you need to create.

2. You need to make a compcard from the commercial print photos you make.
Here is insight on making a compcard and why you actually do it yourself and why you should:

How a compcard can help your modeling pursuits:

3. Mail the compcard to commercial print modeling agencies. Put your number on your compcard and mail 2 cards. Here is insight.
Sending your photos to agencies and how to do it:

And this is insight about why you don't really need a cover letter:

This is insight on what to put on your compcard and what not to put:

4. Next comes mailing, mailing and more mailing of your compcard to commercial print modeling agencies.

5. If the agency wants to work with you, they will call you.
Here is insight for the agency meeting, after you mail your compcard to the agency:

And this is insight on how I started modeling despite being so darn short :)


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