Monday, August 31, 2009

The demand for Older Models - older models can find opportunity

I got a message on Facebook from a woman saying how she is 40 but wants to model. This was part of my reply on how older models are in demand.

Your message made me think about how models of all ages are working.
All you have to do is watch commercials, and observe lifestyle products and you will see models are all ages and infact 28-45 is a major age for commercial print models. Think about who spends money, who many ads are targeted towards?
Modeling has no age, but you have to know what you can "realistically model", if modeling is just fashion and sex appeal then you might have a tough time because many brands that target those areas want young models, however if you see modeling as "more" as "selling lifestyle brands" and products you will see that models are ALL ages. I would focus on getting some shots that bring out your personality, energy and show you in lifestyle settings, at the dinner table, smiling, drinking wine, wearing jewelry, leaving the house in a pretty gown, coming out of a car, laughing with children, cooking some food, running in fitness clothing. All of these movements are seen in ads for lifestyle products for mature models. Think of magazines like More, Redbook, Travel magazines, parenting, and ads for furniture, cell phones, business brands, Staples, Banks, models are used for wayyy more than just fashion and commercial print modeling is an area you should target.

The problems for older models happen when they try to be "too sexy" and struggle to fit into a business based on only glamour and instead miss the advertising and editorial sides of modeling.


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