Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cover letters and model compcard question

A mother of an aspiring model asked me: Hi Isobella,

When sending a cover letter with the compcard, and an agents name is not known, what should the salutation say? Dear Sir/ Madam, or To whom it may concern? or something else? I am going to be sending compcards to many agencies in NYC and wanted to know the best way to put this in the letter.

This was my reply:

Now even though I have mentioned you "can" submit a cover letter you do not need to stress over it. The cover letter really should be more casual and not none of that overly formal stuff is needed. Just say Your Daighters Name has a lot of personality and will be great for print and commercials, - enclosed is a compcard we hope you consider.

Many times you don't need to stress over a cover letter, just a little note, or post it is fine, they end up in the trash usually anyways. Mainly just send the compcard, with your number on one card, they know why you are sending it. You want representation.


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