Friday, August 21, 2009

Commercial print modeling photos for short models

Shorter girls, and anyone curious about modeling should consider commercial print modeling. Commercial print modeling does not have an age limit and you will not be thrown out when you get to a certain age (like fashion tends to do with taller models who have expiration dates when the model is not considered "new" or "exciting" anymore.) Commercial print modeling welcomes models of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, men and women, children, teens, all ages. If you want to start modeling and fashion is slamming the door in your face, don't worry!

You can still get great modeling work in commercial print modeling. Did you know commercial print modeling is the largest area of modeling? Yup!

Here are examples of photos you should try to create for commercial print. Energy, natural makeup, happy, not so fashion forward clothing, a lot of what commercial print modeling is about is: just you being you. Having an editorial flair within your photos is good too, but think beauty, health, accessories.

my comp card for "parts modeling," parts modeling involves hands, feet, legs etc.

You can still wear a cute pair of jeans and hold a handbag or something, but it has to look like an ad for a happy girl, upbeat, friendly, not moody, with a confident appeal.

I love fashion but I know as a shorter model I had to think about "what does the agency want to see" " what type of products and ads could I realistically be apart of"-if I want to work with agencies, and get opportunities, to build my portfolio I had to caiter my photos towards the direction of commercial print.

I do not suggest sending any photography with heavy makeup,that are high fashion styled, or overly sexy, nor anything with bad lighting to print agencies. I would also observe the photos commercial print agency models on the agency website have. Observe ads of lifestyle products to get inspired, notice lifestyle ads to get the vibe of you are going for already in your mind ahead of time, before shooting, model and photographer should have the understanding of what the model needs to get in the door. Plan it out, have examples ready, be prepared, before you shoot.

I would look at beauty, skincare, ads for cell phones, haircare, technology, furniture, tampons! Everything commercial print targeted. That is how a short girl can start to work with agencies.

Remember make a compcard, and send your compcard in the postal mail to the commercial print agencies. Sending your compcard in the mail is the way to get a modeling agency for a short girl.



Lea said...

Isobella. TAKE TYRAS PLACE FOR PETITE MODELS! Leave her for high fashion. You've helped me so much and inspired me alot. It takes alot of courage for all that yo've odne and im a big fan of people and courage.

I wanted to share with youo a couple of my recent shots. Hopefully i can get your true opinion!

Again, i appreciate all that you do for us Petite Models!

Unknown said...

the beauty shots look nice for a comp card