Monday, August 17, 2009

ANTM cycle 13 Short Model Judge Isobella Jade

Petite model Isobella Jade, author, radio host and model blogger introduces herself as the people's Short Model Judge for America's Next Top Model cycle 13, the season of the short chicks. Turn down the podcast radio show, Model Talk, on the right side of the blog to hear.

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Unknown said...

Gosh.. of course I am watching ANTM as well. It is great that Tyra is giving us short girls an opportunity. But notice that most of the models are not even that short! Most with their height of 5'7 still have great opportunities if they put their minds to it.

There is only 1 model this season that is the shortest of 5'4. Wonder why!? Would have been more interesting with more variety with height.. I would have loved to have done it only being 4'11!! LOL! And you 5'2!!

I do like that Tyra is guiding & showing the models how to pose to make body look longer, how to use your eyes to show the emotion you are trying to display (which a lot of models lack these days- they looked like they are bored with face expressions).

But overall I definetely could do with OUT ALL THE DRAMA. I know its cause its a reality show & competition but I bet you have learned as well that as a petite model it is okay to show personality, be friendly, network, & more.. cause if you be yourself no matter where you are or who you meet- You never know what connections or friends that you will meet.

Keep up the great work girl.. Can't wait to see more of how you feel about the show & can't wait to see more GREAT INSPIRATIONAL TIPS

Stephanie Irene
Texas Petite Model