Sunday, August 16, 2009

America's Next Top Model Shorties have arrived

It has been the season of the short model for me since 2001.

And I hope this blog has given you insight into how a shorter girl can get ahead.

Before we know it the short girl will be getting some unique hype!

With America's Next Top Model showcasing shorter girls for cycle 13, launching September 9th,-- and as very short working model I feel inclined to share some thoughts on the show and what I plan to do about it for my readers and any shorter girl wanting to model out there:

I will be watching the show, and as the People's Short Model Judge, as the Short Model's Model, I will be sharing Short Model Support and commentary each week based on the show in a video format.

I plan for this show to be amazing for girls of all heights to watch however I have not been a die-hard viewer because I honestly do not think the show portrays the modeling industry in a realistic way. Holding a snake doesn't mean you can model or get modeling work, I also think it is sad how to the girls are not talked about or even heard of after the show. The winner gets some exposure but typically that's that, you don't hear much about them and never end up seeing them in an ads or magazines, a few have gotten places, MTV hosting, etc. But a girl has to have some marketing sense to know how to go from reality TV to reality and take the exposure she gained and turn it into something more. I wish the show had a "when you get kicked off here are some tips" element involved/shared.

I hope the show shares more about print modeling and how a shorter girl can indeed get in an agency door. Height is not everything in modeling and a shorter girl can use what she does have to get ahead. Fashion isn't going to be opening arms to all short models for the runway, but if a shorter girl markets herself well she can model products, with great brands, for ads and magazine editorials, but it does take an intense amount of work, ambition, and time invested.

Here are some websites to check out the Cycle 13 Contestants. I will have my pre-introduction video with thoughts toward the cycle 13 models up soon.

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