Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amateur modelville- how models can skip it

If you are serious about modeling then you want the best photography you can get, you should want to work with the best agencies you can, and get the best modeling jobs you can.

How you present yourself as a model can say a lot towards where you will go and the jobs you will get...or not get.

A shorter girl, will most likely work non-exclusively with agencies and she will make her own compcards but how you present yourself on the comp card is very important. So when making a comp card ask yourself "Is this comp card marketing me towards print modeling?" "Does this comp card have a commercial marketable appeal?"
"What type of modeling jobs, clients, magazine, etc would like the girl on the comp card?"

A major question I get is "how does a person start modeling?"

The answer is simply: Get your marketing material, get your comp card, get your professional photos. Then comes a massive mailing to print agencies, talent agencies, casting directors, etc.

Don't email the agency through the website. It is more professional to mail it.
Send quality images, not just any old photo. You want to show you are professional so present that you are. That you have your stuff together, that you are ready!

It takes a lot of confidence and knowing yourself, to model.

The short-cut, the "someone else will handle it" mentality is not the way. Modeling when you are not a fashion model is more hands on, more about you, what you want, creating it, doing it, marketing it, and it is a lot of work.

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