Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They say you can model but is this a scam?

Modeling conventions, modeling hotel meet and greet: They are all Scams.

This post is taken from an email I recently wrote to give the scoop on model scams.

Keep in mind company, agency, or website that asks or proclaims: "Can you model" "be a model!" "Are you ready to be a star?" or any other "teaser" etc, is a scam.

Professional agencies don't ask if you can model.

These days reality TV and the media has made it where "everyone and their sister" wants to be a model or in entertainment so many so-called agencies take advantage of this mindset these young aspiring girls have.

A professional agency will NOT force you to use their photographer or printing service, they will not pay a monthly fee to be on the website, or charge you at all to work with them. A professional agency might suggest but if they think you can book work with them and you are ambitious, they will at least work with the compcard you have. Like like mentioned how Gene worked with mine in my memoir.

Strive to find a professional agency ok. They are out there. It might take more time to get in the door with a "real" agency, but it is better not to be fooled.

A professional agency receives your compcard in the mail, YOU mail it to them, you submit your comp card by postal mail, and then if they are interested in working with you they would then call you. They might want to see you in person or they might just send you to a casting, a go-see to see how you do. And then just keep your card on file. I have had experiences where I did not meet the agency until I booked a job with them. It is normal.

Also many girls expect this personal attention. Too much "ahhh and ooo'ing" can be scamful and an aspiring model should remember that actually your print modeling booker/agent might not become your best friend, good friend, etc, a modeling agent is apart of your pursuit, but the agent /model relationship is business.

So just beware, it is a self-made world today and there are many so-called agencies out there, so please remember to becareful of scams.

I hope this helps,


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Sammie said...

Hi Isobella Jade, i left a tweet on your twitter i don't know anything about twitter...but anyway i was wondering if you could help me determine if the agency i signed to this weekend is a scam or not. The agency's site is and their myspace is

they called me a couple days before they told me to meet their scouts, i met them Friday at the Pittsburgh Omni William Penn Hotel, which is a very prestigious hotel i might add...they only told me i needed a conformation number when i got there and i needed to dress casually...when i got there with my parents (since i am only 15) i signed in and soon found myself in a room with about 60 other people that they gave a number to and told to form a line. Each person had to profile then the scouts asked them different questions...they were very interested in me as a model and a few hours later they announced the numbers of the people who they weren't interested in...then they told the rest of the group that they would meet at the hotel the next day to discuss signing to the agency...

the agency's policy is that they get 20% of my earning that they book for me, and they pay for 99% of all the travel that is necessary for any jobs...they explained that they are all over the country scouting for talent, they have people working internationally as the end we signed a contract for me to be with the agency for 3 years, which was $600 to be on their web portfolio, and it totaled to be $1500 because we also decided to use their photographer to get a comp card and portfolio started...they didn't pressure us into using their photographer but we though it would be the best thing...anyway this agency sounds like something i really want to do...but it scares me that you said on your blog that a hotel meet and greet is a scam...also this agency was very complementive and my agent said that she would give me my first job (as a sort of side thing) recruiting people at the mall for the agency...she didn't ask all of the people to do this, just me and one of the handsome male models(i would get $30 per person i got to fill out a form with their info)i have no problem with doing this, actually looking forward to it

my agent said that one of their models averages about 6 jobs a year with them and they pay 99% of the cost of travel. Even if this agency is a scam, they would still be getting me out there, and i am still getting a portfolio and comp cards made... i would really appreciate it if you could help me with your opinion =) thankyouu Isobella