Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Should an aspiring model contact brands directly?

A girl asked me recently about contacting brands and if she should as a new model, this was my reply which you might also find helpful:

Without some great experience and a fantastic headshot, I would not submit to brands at or magazine editors yourself. Mainly because you want to show great quality photos, photos that are well done, and you only want to show the best of you to anyone in the modeling, advertising, magazine business, etc. So if you do not have experience I would focus on getting your photos to be as quality as possible first.
Then mail agencies. And when it comes to brands, stick to aspiring brands.
A girl who wants to model should try to work with a good photographer to get a very nice headshot. Then submit it to print agencies. If you want, to get some experience you could try with aspiring designers, hit up a tradeshow, craft fair even and mingle with jewelry designers or handbag designers, accessories are best. Ask if they need a model. Perhaps you could be in their catalog. And continue to mail modeling agencies your compcard, headshot, new images and as you get better photos send those as well. You see, it might take more than one mailing to get an agency to call you back, but you want to keep updating your photos, improving as a model so working with aspiring brands is a great way for an aspiring model to grow her experience. Mailing the agencies is important. Without mailing an agency you will miss out on the bigger jobs. Top brands, magazine, etc, use agency models the majority of the time. So knowing this, it is important to market yourself with photos that a print agency can use. Of course you can try to market yourself to smaller or growing brands, try to get some experience modeling, and research to find the person who hires models at a growing company, or the photographer who shoots for a certain brand, however this does involve ALOT of research and work and marketing. So I would say, without any experience to focus on getting a nice headshot, and to hit up the modeling agencies first, and try to network with aspiring brands if you can for some experience. I hope this helps. -Isobella

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