Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is Print Modeling: Print modeling has become many things

Commercial print modeling is all about personality, and when an ad involves a model smiling while holding, wearing or using a product, she's typically a print model. When you shoot for a product ad or editorial that will be in a magazine, catalog, billboard or web ad.  “Commercial modeling" can mean actually working on commercials, or on TV, or web video ads, and it can also mean print modeling in a print related format. So unless it is direct, ask about what the job involves and what format the photos will be used for. Your commercial print modeling agency could submit you for on-camera and commercial TV work as well, so make sure you know what the modeling job or casting is for. It's good to be informed.  Usually before a casting/audition, the agency will let you know. "This is for print ad" This is for a commercial/TV use" etc.

Print modeling can be for actual print such as an ad in a print magazine, a catalog, a direct mail piece, or product packaging (the box a product comes in).  These days because of internet marketing many photos from print modeling jobs also end up on the web, iPad, or an app. This doesn't mean you get paid more, but it is important to know what the job is for.

Commercial print also implies the product will not be fashion based. It will be for a more "lifestyle" product, a product for all types of people, the mass market. Usually it won't be a high fashion product. Print modeling covers every day products people use, everything from a water bottle, to computer, to fast-food, skincare and home goods, etc.

Some clothing retail brands like Target or Macy's might be considered a print modeling client, but typically the clients within print modeling are not high fashion.

On the job: Print modeling involves your full self, head to toe modeling a product, service or goods in the ad campaign or print media form.

Print modeling also includes parts modeling: I do both print modeling and parts modeling, and many girls just do one or the other. Parts modeling is a part of print modeling but not all print models are parts models.  Parts modeling is when you use a certain body "part," a hand, foot, leg, stomach, etc, along with modeling a product, like modeling a shoe, or showing your whole foot for an editorial in a health magazine about preventing foot pains.

By the way: At print modeling jobs there is a stylist, but remember sometimes you also are asked to bring shoes and basic clothing to wear, jeans, a tank top, black heels, or sneakers... and there is a makeup artist usually but it's a good idea to also know how to do your own makeup anyways as a model.

Print modeling involves bringing to life the story of the brands image with your personality and look, so you will be told at the job, before the job or at the casting, what the job involves- if you have questions ask, it's best not to show up clueless to what you will be doing on the job.

Although remember as a model sometimes you have to improvise and "act" out an expression, this is where modeling and acting are similar in the sense of story telling. For example for a cell phone ad you will be "acting" like you are on the phone with a friend, smiling holding the phone for the shots. Even though you are not really on the phone with anyone. Usually you are given the concept, theme of the job and it's up to you to do your best to bring that idea or theme to life.


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