Friday, July 24, 2009

Print modeling and talent agencies in NYC

Here is a list of some talent agencies in New York City that models that are not of fashion height could submit compcards to for consideration. DO NOT submit by email or an online form it is unprofessional and you will not be considered as likely as you will be from a mailed submission with a stamp and envelope. Mail your photos by mail! And as I have stressed by a Call Sheet at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section under the TV and Film magazines it will help you for a list for mailing talent agencies and modeling agencies. There are many scams popping up on each corner each day dying to scam you so becareful. It does not take much to set up shop and call yourself an agency. However there ARE legit print modeling and talent agencies out there. Here are some you could consider submitting photos to. Observe the websites, know what the agency already works with, understand the style of the photos that the models have and create ones similar, and submit by postal mail.

Atlas Talent Agency -

CESD Talent Agency -

Extra Talent (TV Film Background work(

Flaunt Models

Here is a list of suggested commercial print modeling agencies as well.

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