Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photoshoot for Almost 5'4" today!

Just did a photoshoot for Almost 5'4", went to some of the neighborhoods mentioned in the book & shot some kickin stuff. Atmospheres include SoHo,outside the apple store (read in chapter 13), Harlem (prologue and chapter 15), Astoria (Chapter 13), and Brooklyn Heights(chapter 3-9), all featured in the book. Shot on film on Black and white, so excited to see results during our breakfast meeting tomorrow. Will see the contact-sheets. Shooting digital just isn't the same. Dropped film off by Union Square, saw Almost 5'4" sitting proud in BN looking so HOT!

I am so excited to see these photos, especially since the story of the shots co-sides with Almost 5'4".

It felt so good to shoot on film today. It is a more planned out process, each shot is delivered, precise. We had 9 shots left towards the end at the last location in Brooklyn Heights, and it was a test, a challenge, to nail them and make each one amazing, I love the pressure of making something look amazing so much. Could do it every single day, and in our digital world wish more photographers would shoot film. I wish these camera-holders would learn about shutter speeds and lighting and all the good stuff that makes a photo timeless and a well told story within the photography.

"Don't just take my photo, tell my story"

Click the cover to check out Almost 5'4" here:

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