Friday, July 10, 2009

Photography tips & Casting for hand modeling

So I have a casting on Monday for a well known nail care brand. Which is cool but it inspires me to write a post here about the importance of "showing in your photos what you CAN model."

Many girls often write me curious about the types of photos they need to start modeling, my advice: Think about what you want to model. Create photos based around that. Of course be realistic, if you are only five feet tall don't be too stiff, still, and *itchy in your photos, do create shots that show you modeling a handbag, a shoe, but don't go too high, high end. Agents want to see you can model products but the castings you will be sent on for print will most likely NOT be products found in Vogue.

I would not show logos or a brands name in a photo but a shot that shows you modeling "something" is important. See photos here:

For the casting I have on Monday I will be bringing and showing in my portfolio the best shots I have of my hands. I will bring tearsheets from hand modeling jobs but also some of these shots I will show I have created, art directed to get, printed myself. No matter what you want to model: It is important to be incontrol of what you want, and if you can model "something" you need to show it in your photos.

What you show in your photos tells the agent, editor, art director: This girl can do the job. So you want to show images that represent how you, your look, relates to the jobs and casting you are going for.

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