Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Models that want to be actors, some tips

A girl recently wrote me saying she was interested in modeling but wanted to dab into acting and wanted some tips. Here were some thoughts:

There are many freaks, perverts and scams out there. Oh yes! You will read some of the stuff I have been through in modeling in my memoir. Oh boy! When it comes to acting the biggest thing is to aim high, seriously, have high goals and focus on them. And ask yourself before taking a role "Will this lead me to where I want to be?" Is this role an asset towards the other roles I want to get?"

These days any girl half naked on TV is considered an "Actress" but being an actor, working as one, making a living, or at least getting good roles, takes time, energy, and marketing yourself the right way. So once you have a headshot that speaks about the type of roles you want you should mail your headshot to casting directors, here is a tip:

Pick up The Call Sheet at a bookstore, it is a booklet in the magazine section, look in the film and TV magazines, this is a very helpful booklet for any person curious and ambitious about acting/modeling. The booklet has a list of casting directors and agents and you should mail, mail, mail, get stamps, envelopes, your headshot to these casting directors and people. Now it is time for self promotion. So do it! The more you mail the more you will work. But consider who you work with and the roles carefully. You could start doing background work on shows like Law and Order, One life to Live, Ugly Betty, Life on Mars but grab the bookelt I mentioned above, it will help you for your mailings.

Gettin a resume together when even some small experience will help lead to bigger things.

I would try looking at ActorsAccess, NYCastings, ActorsFirstNY, but the point is to have a goal, think of the roles you want and focus on striving in that direction. You can not just rely on the internet for jobs. You need a headshot and you need to mail it. The Old fashion way is STILL the real way. Sometimes striving to be an actor can mean NOT working actually, and waiting, being pickier about the work you DO do, so that your resume will benefit where you want to be. Also when you meet people, agents, etc, if it is not in an office or during the day, it is unprofessional usually Becareful!

I hope this helps for now, let me know if anything else comes to mind.


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