Monday, July 20, 2009

Modeling in a small town tips- Syracuse, NY

If you are living in a small town, or smaller city like Syracuse, NY or the surrounding areas modeling can seem impossible.

While visiting my family here I am reminded of the first chapter of Almost 5'4" when I wrote about how I googled the word model during a boring summer in Syracuse, NY- it makes me think about present day and how the internet has made a major impression on young girls and females of all ages and how internet sites might seem to be the only option for a girl who wants to model. However I strongly suggest NOT using it to promote yourself as a model mainly because although the internet might seem "where all the action is to network with a photographer" I believe (even through my own modeling mistakes you will find in my memoir) that the internet is the wrong place to start your modeling pursuits. In a small town it might seem like the only option. No modeling agencies. Not many photographers that do photography professionally but here are some suggestions:

1. Go to a local college or research to see if there is a photography department at a near by college.
2. Google Headshot or portrait photographer + your city
3. Go to a local photo lab and ask if they can suggest a professional photographer that shoots headshots.
4. Go to a craft show and mingle with aspiring accessory designers jewelry, handbags, scarves and see if they might need a model for their catalog, etc.
5. Stop by a local mom and pop hair salon or store, boutique and ask if they ever use models for their advertising or window display ads?

If you want to seriously call yourself a model you have to do legit modeling work and to do so in a smaller town you have to be inventive sometimes, and not just stare at yourself and comments on a social site.

Skip modeling contests on the internet, skip internet modeling sites, because if you really want to model the REAL modeling work doesn't happen by showing your photos on a computer screen.

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