Monday, July 27, 2009

Modeling compcards- do it yourself to get ahead

Three girls asked me today about compcards. What is more important the compcard or portfolio? And should I mail Headshots, snap shots or a compcard? So,here is the scoop on compcards and why you need to make your own. And not assume the agency will make it for you. Making your compcard, mailing it, and not waiting, is actually how you get the agency these days.

It is easy to think that the agency does all that for you...but actually.. YOU as the model should make your own. Like an artist needs an art portfolio a model needs her compcard. It is your best marketing tool. A comp card is the more professional choice. You will have to get a portfolio as well, but at this new stage a compcard is the first thing to make. And make your own with photos that flatter you and fit "commercial print modeling"- it is best to target your compcard to the agencies you want to work with with similar photos that their models have...ALSO BEWARE: many agencies rip off aspiring models who do not know better on compcard prices and it can be a real let down and scam. The compcard is what will get you infront of an agency, as many print agencies DO NOT have open calls. You have to physically mail your compcard by mail to get a meeting/ The compcard will also be useful at castings, auditions, etc. Having your own, is a way to keep control over your pursuits. Otherwise "the agency" will own the shots, and compcard and you might feel restrained and like you are unable to self promote when needed because you have the agency complete control over the compcards and now you have nothing in your hands. So I think it is ALWAYS important to make your own. They will be later mailed to the agencies and then used for castings.

As you will find in my memoir, I always took control over my pursuits and found the “importance in making my own compcards” always…I still do…

You can find reasonable rates at and do it yourself, however do make sure your shots do include at least one smile shot. Agencies want to see personality the most for print modeling which is what shorter girls of all ages can find opportunities pursuing.

Sizes: A comp card can vary in size, but 5.5 x 8.5 is a typical size.

I would go to a professional printing service, keep in mind that a service that prints headshots usually also prints comp cards. So you could research “headshot printing “ or comp card printing.

Also when printing your compcard you need to have your photos at 300 DPI, this is printable resolution for printing photos, photography. And the images should be between 8- 15 inches because the image will be fit to the compcard by the printing service, but it needs to be big enough to print clearly and professionally. On my blog on the right size there are a list of printing services I have used and like in NYC, along with ALWAYS< ALWAYS< ALWAYS see a proof, in your hand, physically in your hand, mailed, or in person, before accepting the proof for the full print run. Colors can look different n the computer screen vs. printing sometimes. So do not approve a comp card or headshot until you see it in person printed.

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