Monday, July 6, 2009

Modeling compcard tips for new models

A girl recently asked me: Should I make a compcard at Kinkos?

My reply:
Well, I have never heard of professional modeling compcards being made at Kinkos. For now, I would stick to printing your cards at a place that know how to make compcards. Although YOU as the Model should have a plan of how you want your compcard to look ahead of time. Making your own compcard involves thinking about the market you are trying to capture as a model, the modeling jobs you want to get, and the agencies you want to target.

On a budget, I think it is best to use, you can get a compcard for pretty inexpensive. You could test out like 30-40 cards, mail them out to agencies, casting directors, etc, and see what happens. If you do not hear back, make a new card, maybe your card wasn't commercial enough the first time for print? Maybe you need to work on the headshot more, regardless, keep trying and mail again, it could take a few submissions before you hear back from agencies and you might have to make more than one card obviously. :) It is work, it is time, it also involves visiting the post office. ALOT. :) I suggest when using a professional printing service and more options are to the right of my blog. I suggest also getting the proof of your card mailed to you in the postal mail. The reason: What you see on the computer screen doesn't always print the same. color, etc. You want to physically SEE the compcard in your hand before you approve.

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