Thursday, July 9, 2009

Modeling agency: why you shouldn't wait

There is no perfect day, outfit or hair day that should tell you when you should meet an agency, a girl recently told me she was about to set up a meeting with an agency but she was concerned about how she gained 5 lbs of muscle. She was going to postpone the meeting until it went away. This is what I told her:

I don't think you should worry about this 5 lbs of muscle, infact being petite it is good that you ARE tone, you will look leaner and longer in photos. Also you could use your muscle to your advantage and mention you would be great for fitness ass. Fitness modeling these days doesn't mean being ripped, it means being tone, and having some muscle could actually help you book a job. I would go to the meeting proud of who you are. 5 pounds of muscle...many people would cut off their arm just to get that! Don't postpone it anymore. Go. Don't self analyze THAT much. Think of ads, products and brands that use models off all heights and sizes. Analyze That. The less you talk about your height and what you consider your flaws, the less the agent will notice anyways…so focus only on sharing THE GOOD, what you CAN offer. Agents want to hear that more than about your concerns about muscle. :)


P.s: An agency tip to consider, if this agency doesn't end up working out...just keep going. Keep trying...don't let anything be the end-all. You never know what's around the corner tomorrow.

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