Friday, July 31, 2009

Making a modeling comp card-Phone Number question

A girl recently asked me: Should a phone number be printed on your compcard?

No. Mainly because you MIGHT end up freelancing with many agencies. It is not a bad thing. It is normal to freelance with print modeling agencies and print agencies to welcome it. I worked with 5 agencies at once freelancing in NYC and using the same comp card.

On the card you DO NOT put your phone number, email on your compcard. No needed. And do not put a link to a "social site". NEVER!

What will happen is that when one agency sends you out to a casting you "write" or use an Avery or white sticker and put the agencies name on the sticker and compcard,also sometimes the agency will give you a sticker to put on the compcard with the agencies phone number on it.

When I go to a casting for a "parts" modeling job for example I put "PARTS and then 212-etc. On the compcard for the casting.

As a shorter model, or for a girl who is not fashion height or for a girl who wants to work within print, you might find one print agency is not enough and also you will find that the agency might not even offer to make your compcards at all. Which is why it is good to make your own and expect to do so. You might end up working with a few agencies but that doesn't mean each will call every single day with a casting, booking,etc.

Just have printed your name on the card. Could be your first name, first name middle name. Full name.

Once you have your compcards mail them out to agencies. The first time you mail out the cards you could send two cards. One has YOUR phone number on it so the agency can contact you. And one doesn't, so they can keep it on file, mail it to a client, but if they want to work with you they will ask for more cards. Then you mail them more cards without your number on it because by then they will be expecting the cards.

I hope this helps, :)


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