Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am not cool with model social networks

There are these terrible, no good, very bad amateur model social networks, that charge money to join, or these websites where girls can flash smiles or anything else with a sign that reads “Will get naked for prints” -or basically. It is sad. Please don't join these sites. Please stray away from amateur-ville if you really want to model.

I am really not cool with these amateur model social networks and I stress that a girl skips downloading, uploading and flaunting themselves so casually, without thinking of the negative side of it.

The internet is like glue. Super glue. It sticks. Stay and does not delete. So beware and careful. Mistakes happen. I have made my share. But I got over it and moved on. Chase bigger things, aim higher, and get more.

Get professional photos, get a compcard made, get a headshot printed, mail it to modeling agencies. There is no other way to get ahead. The work is the work.
If you don't hear back Try again. It is not easy to work with the professional agencies, so don't expect it to happen over night. Keep striving. Forget letting a website "make you a model'?????? It doesn't happen.

You have to make your self one.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I hate to disagree with you , here is a link to a modeling website with Eva Pigford from America's Next Top Model

I do agree on the fact that it does take hard work no matter what avenue you take, but websites make it easier for friends and family to promote you from all over the world. Also, if an agent can't find the right person in their area, they look to the net...

Unknown said...

If you read the "about me" section. Eva is only using that site for promo reasons, and it is not her source to promote herself as a model. While the internet can allow you to mingle and promote your look as an aspiring model, most professional photographers and agencies are NOT looking for talent on the web. A girl who truly wants to model needs a compcard more than a model-site to get ahead. This is from my lived through experiences which I also mention in my memoir Almost 5'4". I share the lows and very few highs of using the Internet to get ahead. To work with great brands, get a great paycheck and really model you need a comp card, professional photos, and a professional agency or a hell of a lot of ambition and marketing skills. The Internet is NOT a proper place to market yourself as a model and social communities are just that :social communities. They do not typically lead a girl to quality and the photos she needs to get ahead in the commercial print modeling business which is where a 'shorter girl' can find opportunities. There are rare situations, but typically a girl needs a comp card, professional heads, and should mail print agencies her photos. Being "promoted on the web" having a fan club does not mean you are a model. Modeling is when you model "for something"...and to get these opportunities most of the time you need more than a social site.