Thursday, July 16, 2009

How a short girl gets ahead as a model

A girl on facebook sent me an Instant Message this was part of our chat about shorter models and finding opportunities:

"I think modeling for a shorter girl is really about knowing how to market yourself, it is about knowing what you CAN model, and focusing on getting photos that represent this. If you only focus on your height you will not find modeling work but if you focus on what you do have that a product, brand, company might want to work with you can find opportunities. So first I would think about what you CAN actually model. Notice ads that are not so fashion forward because modeling is not just fashion forward. Print modeling is the most active area of modeling. And you see girls of all heights, ethnicities and sizes."

Then she said she had been trying but was having a hard time so I asked her:
But do you have your own compcard and headshot? Have you mailed it to print modeling agencies more than once?

See it takes ALOT of work to model, get a modeling agency and book work as a shorter girl, but you have to put aside the height factor and focus on what you CAN model, focus on "WHAT IS MARKETABLE ABOUT ME." And "WHAT ADS COULD I SEE MYSELF IN REALISTICALLY?"

I mentioned "making her own compcard."

"Well I think it is best for a shorter girl to make her own compcard. A must. Without it how can you market yourself? It takes a lot of work to launch yourself as a model! More than the internet, more than the games on these model-sites too..(just know any sort of show off your photos "modeling website is not real modeling"), it is best to get professional fast and a compcard, get a headshot done, put some thought into your photos, be picky about the photographer you work with, and really research the good print agencies that work with print models."

"Aside what you see on reality tv and within fashion the shorter model, the print model many times has to be her own agent, and when an agency forces you to use their photographer, and printing services it can actually be a rip off or scam so be careful. It is best to always make your own marketing material and not rush into signing ANY contracts. Stick to being non-exclusive until you have some experience and freelance with many print modeling agencies because one agency is hard to count on for a new model with no experience. Modeling for a shorter girl within print is different than fashion modeling agencies that pick up girls, house them, and all that is a totally different hands on world for a shorter girl focusing on print modeling and she has to be prepared for the grit, the hands on real work involved."

Later in our conversation I went on to share..."The main reason these not-as-tall-girls-find opportunities is because they have produced the right photos that sell them in a commercial way for a print agency. And a lot of self marketing is involved. ALOT of hands on work. Researching the right agencies, creating the right photos, making compcards, mailing, not being afraid to simply try."

I ended with..
:) "..if you want something, especially in modeling, especially if you are short, you have to keep your head up. be smart about it, and really focus on the best ways to market you :) goodluck!"

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