Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting modeling jobs tips and marketing

A girl recently asked me: Should i try and get with an agency to get me jobs or is there a way you can do it all yourself like sending to advertisement companies ect. i was asked to do this commercial print camp for this company page parkes but they asked for $1000 and I saw on your site you should not pay for all that stuff.

In my experience you should never pay for anything basically but your compcards and for those I make my own. I then give compcards to the agencies I work with.

When you say Advertising companies do you mean ad agencies or the brands themselves?

To work with brands directly I would start small and work your way. Experience will bring opportunity. For example approach smaller brands, aspiring brands, jewelry designers, handbag designers and ask to model for their catalog, online, print or linesheets,tradeshows. Get in the mix with aspiring designers and companies. Not only is it great to surround yourself with creative energy but you will hopefully get some good experience from it and good photos that show you "modeling" something. Once you havesome experience/ aka a credible portfolio you should market yourself to an agency with it. Your experience can also help you get an agency working with you. In smaller cities an aspiring model could contact a local magazine editor, and an aspiring model can do that with magazines such as Marie Claire and Glamour but I don't want to get ahead of ourselves if you do not have marketable photos yet...or a compcard. It is possible to self hustle, but it does take showing quality photos and knowing how to market to each agency, brand, magazine, etc. If the brand is a handbag company then you will want to show them a photo of you holding a handbag..see.

It is also best not to get strung up on the money at the start, you might model for an aspiring jewelry designer and not get much pay but if the photos, photographer is good, then it will help you and could lead to more opportunity.

Also being VERY picky about the photographers you work with. It is better to shoot only a few things that will benefit your portfolio and where you want to be, than just randomly shoot with no plan and waste time. So be very picky about that.

As for ad agencies it is hard to get in the door as a new model with an art director at an ad agency to model for their client's ad's, etc. So it is best to work with modeling agencies because the art director will most likely call the modeling agencies and have their models go to a casting for a certain brand, ad campaign, etc.

I hope this helps! :)

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