Monday, July 6, 2009

Ever made a bad shoe purchase? Modeling Mistakes

Ever made a bad shoe purchase? Mistakes come with the word model, here I share one of mine.

FLASHBACK to 2001:

So I was doing some bad photography with some bad "guys with cameras" and I figured that some high stripper shoes to look taller in my shoots would be perfect. (even though I was not a stripper) So I went to 8th Street hunting for height. An experience I mark in my memoir Almost 5'4". Those stupid shoes, they were $50 which was a LOT for a college student to spend her weekly stipend for food on. Later, when I REALLY needed the money for food, I would regret spending money on these stupid shoes, which I hardly wore because after a few shoots I realized a “talented” photographer could shoot my proportions well without those slutty things on my feet weighing a ton.

These days 3-4 inches is cool. 5 inches is great, but those stripper heels are not in my life and never will be again that's for sure!

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