Friday, July 31, 2009

B4 Modeling casting Sephora Times Square Touch-up

Next time you are near Times Square and you have a modeling casting and you need a touch-up before you have two choices depending on which way you are going. You can go to Sephora on Broadway and 43rd or 42 and 7th! I usually DO go to Sephora before my modeling castings and check myself in their mirrors. I do like the Sephora brand of makeup as well which doesn't get enough props. It is good stuff. Lipsticks are a fav. I usually go in Sephora to buy i.d bare Minerals powder. I wear SPF 15 Suncreen in Medium usually all year round.

Other things on my face and body right now:
LUSH products, Makeup Forever, Revlon, Boots, Rimmel, Maybelline, Wet n' Wild, Styli-Style...oh god the list goes, but I am basically simple with how heavy I do my makeup. Light, airy, I don't over do the blush.

I always forget to put on eye-shadow. I have this huge case from Sephora (see above). I gotta get that going on.

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