Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are you a short model, or just not as tall

Are you short, or just as not as tall? It is all a state of mind and how you use your marketing mentality to get ahead.

If you know what you can model then being short isn't a small difference.
If you know how to market yourself and use what you do have to get ahead, then your height isn't such a factor to determine your success.
If you take the time, measure your realistic goals against the work it will take, you will find that there is possibility in being self-made.
If you are not a afraid to take a chance on yourself you will find your doubts dissolve.
Focus on who you can be and accept ambitiously what you are not. Be bold and brave with your choices, when you put yourself out there, show up, and put yourself in a situation for opportunities…you just might find even more than what you hoped.

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