Monday, June 22, 2009

Models Playing with Goliath

I was getting coffee today telling the sweet barista on 19th Street how a shorter girl could get ahead. How can a model that is shorter keep up with the tall chicks, or at least play in the modeling world?

Here are some thoughts that I shared with her, that might intrigue you:

1.Knowing how to market your self is major when it comes to getting modeling work. And thinking about how you are targeting yourself, introducing yourself, positioning yourself when you present your photos to an agency through mail or in person.

2.Sometimes knowing how to market your self involves literally looking in the mirror and asking yourself “What can I realistically model?” The barista has nice curly hair so I told her she could focus on hair ads, product shots of hair dryers, curlers, texture products. It is good to work from an example, so I would research in magazines and look, observe, and learn what an ad looks like, and start to conceptualize how your photos can look that will tell an agency “this girl would be good for a product ad.” Sometimes you have to create the shot, make it look like an ad, make it look like you can in deed model before an agent calls you back.

3.Not giving up is the biggest thing. Have you mailed your photos to a print modeling agency? Did you give up after one try? Not giving up is a huge part of finding opportunities and success in any thing in life that you might pursue and especially in modeling. So just because you didn’t get a call back from the agency doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Go ahead, submit those photos again, update your headshot, make a new compcard, get some stamps and keep hustling!

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