Friday, June 5, 2009

Models and self promotion: yourself and goals

I have never relied on one person to make my modeling goals or pursuits happen. I have always relied on my self most. Self promotion is such a huge part of being or becoming anything you want to be and it is the same for modeling. Working as a model involves a whole'lotta self promotion!

Here are somethings that have involved self promotion along my journey of being a model:

1. Creating the right photos. Photography has been a major part of my pursuits, this is modeling where "image is everything" so striving to get better photography, improve my photos, and strive to work with better and better photographers through out my journey as been very important. What you show in a photo represents who you are as a model. What you can do, and where you are going, so striving hands-on to plan shoots, art direct them, be apart of the photography process has been major.

2. Mailings and submissions. The first mailing I did, to all the top modeling agencies got no no-where. Once I got a headshot and mail it out it only brought back one phone call. It was to a casting director for background work on the TV show ED. Then I made a compcard and tried to improve my photos to make them more "commercial print friendly." Today I work with great agencies, but getting a modeling agency, getting consistant and quality work as a model has been a process, and it did not happen over nite. It takes a lot of mailing, and submissions, research, and stamps to be a model.

3. Battling the voices around me. Many people I encountered said I was too short to model, I would be better off even going into porn or something, but I didn't want that, I wanted more. I wanted ads, ad campaigns, to be in magazines, I wanted to "model something" other than me! So it has been important to listen to your own voice along the way, the voice that can direct you towards your goals. Sometimes what people may think, suggest, is not always the best, so listen to everything but always have your own understanding of yourself and goals.

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