Saturday, June 6, 2009

modeling agency scams and testimonials

Typically a modeling agency or talent agency that has testimonials on their website is usually a scam. I say this because a legit agency does not need their talent to vouch for them saying the agency is great. They are professional, legit. The models are sent on castings and a good percent good work. Period.

A legit agency does NOT hand you anything or make you pay for anything.

I would question it if an agency says “pay a membership fee, or monthly or year fee to be on the website.”

I would question if an agency demands you work with a certain photographer and pay them a certain price for photography and printing costs for a compcard.

While a compcard can cost $100-$200 to print 100 of them, you should not get scammed by paying too much for these model marketing items: I use often to test out a certain compcard for a low cost and quality is decent, you also can choose to get 40 cards made, to test a compcard out before you purchase 100 say.

So, don't pay an agency for anything. Give them your compcards and if they are professional they will work with it. And you can take their suggestions, re-shoot and strive to shoot with better photographers but you should manage you and be prepared to be hands-on and make your compcards and submit to agencies and DO NOT pay an agency to be a model or be considered for work, and do not pay to be on an agency website,..that is a scam.

Sure, you should mail your headshot and compcard to all print agencies you can research that you feel are professional. But I suggest when it comes to knowing if an agency is professional…follow what I mentioned again. Put it this way: A legit agency does NOT hand you anything, or make promises, it is NOT the agencies job to give you lots and lots of modeling jobs. Modeling is not gaurenteed and even if you get sent on castings that does not mean you will book the job. Modeling involves “being what the client, brand, editor, art director, is looking for” plain and simple. You either are or are not fit for the job. You should not take it too seriously. Modeling is about “just being what they are looking for, at the certain time and place and for a certain project”…

I am based in NYC and if you want to model and you are petite, short,-not tall...then you make your own compcards and mail them to print modeling agencies.

In fashion it is different , fashion agencies, invest in their models, make compcards, teach them, etc...for print a girl as to basically learn herself...and since print is what a shorter girl should focus on...she has to know the difference between a scam and professional.

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