Monday, June 1, 2009

Modeling Agency highlight in Atlanta

I am going to try to feature more agencies on this blog. Recently a girl asked me about agencies in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are some agencies in GA to consider; I found them by Googling: Atlanta + model and talent agencies. Also I found them in The Call Sheet, which is a booklet found in Barnes and Noble in the magazine section, more on that below.

I am giving you the websites to find the mailing,postal address. DO NOT submit through email. Mailing a compcard by postal mail is best: it is more professional.

Also make sure you are NOT sending fashion pics. A print agency wants to see your natural face, your natural energy and personality. Your beauty shots are good to send too.

To find agencies in other cities:
In Barnes and Noble there is a booklet in the magazine section called The Call Sheet, you can find it under the film and tv magazines in the magazine section. $10 and worth it. The booklet has a list of agencies in the major cities. You could also google: Print modeling agencies, talent agencies + Atlanta. With the internet research you do need to be careful. Do not fall for a scam.

How I make a compcard:
Make your own compcards at or a local printer that prints headshots, usually they also print compcards for models, and remember managing yourself is the best route. Do not sign contracts and do not get sucked into something that are unsure about. A shorter girl will not have to sign a contract anyways, she should freelance with agencies..many of them. (this is a major misconception among aspiring models, they think there is this big "signing the contract moment" nope! it does not happen with shorter models. A shorter model is her own business. And she works with print agencies but many she can freelance with and she should. Always control your own goals!

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