Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is age an issue with modeling?

A girl recently asked me if age was an issue for modeling? These were some of my thoughts on modeling and age and I think it might inspire you:

Age is not an issue because actually most commercial products, -watch commercials, flip through a Marie Claire, Glamour, Redbook, Self, Allure, most of the products in the magazine are for a woman 27-40.

So the more you think of modeling as advertising the more you will see models are ALL ages. Even Grandmothers model!

A major part of finding success as a model is making your own marketing material, making your own compcard, managing your shoots, being the art director and knowing what you need photographically to get the photos that WILL help you. I would keep mailing your compards out. Like an actor that mails their headshot and a handbag designer that mails their line sheet to buyers, you, as the model have to be aggressive with mailing! It is the only way.

Remember for your own modeling pursuits: Beauty,skincare, hair-care, accessories, modeling lifestyle products should be your goal. Modeling has no age, because wherever there is a need to advertise a product, there is a need for a model. Ironically fashion is spoke about A LOT more, but it is print modeling that actually is where most models work. 90% of modeling is print and yet no one talks about it.
Someone has to model that Advil, wrinkle cream, insurance, hair dye, and they are woman of ALL ages.

And to target yourself as a print model, with the right photos, to the right agencies it does take a perceptive eye and a marketing mindset! :)

Mail your compcard to commercial print modeling agencies. A few to consider are: Flaunt Models, FFT, R&L Models, Images, Rick Miller Agency, CESD, and Parts Models for hands, feet, eyes, body part modeling.

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Anonymous said...

hi isobella thanks so mush for the info i to are almost 5'4 and this is one of my dreams iam still waiting to come true i hope with your help it can god bless gina