Sunday, June 7, 2009

The ideal model body and smile

A girl recently asked me:
"...what if a woman doesn't have an ideal smile but has the ideal body? Might she be given a chance to model a little bit until she can make enough money to save for dental work? "
This was part of my reply:

The ideal smile and body mean little in the print modeling world. I have scars, not perfect teeth, and I am petite, (very short!) but I have found modeling work by focusing on what I DO have that is sellable in an advertising (product ads) and editorial (mags) world. I market my great skin, my proportioned body and considering my imperfects assets as well. I think you should do the same. I have a gap between my teeth, a scar by my eyebrow, a scar on my knee from rollerskating and some smaller imperfections from when I ran track and was a hurdler, before modeling....Over all,the thing is in modeling: Unique is in! Being NOT ideal is how you will actually get ahead. Stand out, use what you got, and it will end up being the reason you get booked for jobs actually.

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