Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hate my photos: How Models can fix photos

This segment on Model Talk is about how to fix your photos and get better photography.

Did you know:

Hands and Makeup can ruin the shot.

Make sure your makeup is not too cakey or that your face is too shiny, you need to show nice natural skin to get a good shot sometimes.

After the shoot make sure the photos you get on a CD are at 300 dpi or turn them into 300 Dpi.

Strive to learn a program such as Photoshop or basic photoshop skills.
Or try

Cropping and lightening photos is a good skill to have.

Sometimes a full body shot can turn into a better headshot (crop it).

If a photo is too dark, dark around the eyes it can be hard to touch that up yourself, but if you turn the photo to black and white and then lighten the photo it could look better.

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