Thursday, June 18, 2009

Foot modeling and parts modeling Woman's World

If you are short you most likely have small feet. Well, put those feet to use with parts modeling/foot modeling/ shoe modeling. You can model with great shoe brands for showroom and print and also magazine editorials, like here my foot in the pink shoe for this weeks Woman's World Magazine.


Chloe said...

what is a good body part modeling agency in new york city?

Unknown said...

Google: Parts modeling + NYC

Anonymous said...

What is a good body part modeling agency in the San Diego/LA area?
I'm 5'0" and can wear size 3 in girls or 5 in womens shoes... Too small?


Steph said...

What is a good body part modeling agency in LA/San Diego area?
I'm 5'0" with super tiny feet, can I still be a foot model?

Unknown said...

To work as a shoe model and use your feet for editorials for health and beauty magazines you need to typically be a size 6-7 shoe.

In LA this agency is popualr for PARTS modeling;

Unknown said...

I can't find a strickly parts modeling agency in San Diego, but many print agencies have a "parts modeling division." Research print agencies in your area. :)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, is size 6 the smallest you can be? My feet are strange in the regard that I can fit a size 5 and 6. Which is better to advertise?
If this is relevant to note, I have tiny ankles, high arches, and very narrow feet.
I do live in new york, which hopefully widens the pool of prospective work.


Unknown said...

In shoe modeling a 6 is best. A 5 is not often asked for by shoe brands and shoe designers. A size 6 is the professional shoe modeling size. All shoes are different and all types of shoe models are needed and used. Some have narrow feet, some wider. Focus on producing photos that show your feet in shoes, without shoes, with polish and without, in a way that looks like a beauty or health editorial in a magazine, look at magazines and shoe ads to get inspired. Natural, pretty. Then make a modeling comp card. (get 10% off by mentioning Isobella Jade.) With the comp card it is time to do mailings so get envelopes and stamps ready. And send the comp card to modeling agencies that work with shoe models and parts models. ~isobella

Anonymous said...

What are your experiences like working with parts models? Meaning, do you usually have the models you're usually looking for for a certain gig or is it tough finding a model with perfect size 6 feet?

Anonymous said...

What are your experiences like working in the parts modeling sector?