Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do you go Commandos? With Jo Bernard

I recently spoke to Jo Bernard, the Commando-in-Chief of Commandos: The way to be comfy down there while you go Commando, this is the scoop on the latest go bare with ease essential.

1. For my readers who do not know yet, tell us about Commandos and why a girl needs to be in the know?

As girls and women, we are raised to wear traditional, conventional underwear. Conventional underwear has always been about a piece of apparel designed to hold a cotton crotch in place for our hygienic protection and comfort. In the Evolution of Underwear, our panties have evolved from the chastity belt to pantaloons to granny panties to bikinis to thongs, all intended to hold a crotch for us. COMMANDOS Patches have now eliminated EVERYTHING BUT the crotch and it is COTTON, which is the natural and absorbent fabric recommended by doctors for our optimal vaginal health. No more waistbands and legholes creating VPL's in our jeans, pants, and shorts. No more irritating crotch seams when we choose to "go commando". COMMANDOS Cotton patches are for Ev'y Femma, Every Woman, no matter her age, size, ethnicity. Meet Ev'y Femma on our website They are great for travel, maternity, all sports and exercise, equestrian, after waxing, and just to wear every single day in jeans and pants.

2. I love all the reasons why you can wear Commandos stated on your website, I think the commando patch to put inside jeans is something awesome that many females can relate to. Had you gone commando in the past and wondered how you could make it more comfy?

I had never gone commando (without underwear) before we invented the Patch. It was completely foreign to me.

As a result of our marketing survey last year, we have learned that 51% of our customers also had never gone commando, which tells us that many woman are seeking an alternative to traditional underwear and have now found a replacement they prefer. Most of our customers rate the comfort level VERY HIGH and I'm sure it's because we use premium cotton that is very soft, and cushions this most sensitive area. The completely unique and patented design allows for ultimate flexibility when placed in the crotch inseams. The adhesive will hold it there until the woman chooses to remove it. Once you experience wearing nothing in your jeans or pants but the soft, comfortable COMMANDOS Patch which you don't even know is there, you really begin to dislike the extra layer that conventional panties or thongs add.

3. Have you ever had a memorable experience telling someone about how you sell comfort with the cotton crotch?

I once tried to discreetly explain it to a woman in her 80's. Once she understood the concept, she broke out into a huge smile and laughingly said, "Honey, I haven't worn panties in years! I just didn't know it was called 'going commando'. Where can I buy them?" This is when I learned NEVER to assume who our customer is. Again, she is Every Woman. "Ev'y Femma"! (I also love to be on a crowded elevator and ask who knows what it means to go commando!)

4. How has the internet come into play with launching the brand and marketing Commandos?

The internet has been and continues to be huge for COMMANDOS. Women love to share and Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is the absolute best form of getting one's product out there. The personal recommendation, the personal experience, the community of women needing and wanting products that they can believe in and have benefits for them, are all nurtured and developed on the internet. For example,there is a whole community of women who have vulva-vaginal conditions that cannot wear traditional underwear. They have online support groups, as well as Physical Therapists and Doctors, who provide much needed services and products that often are unavailable to them in their own geographic communities. Plus, many women prefer online shopping and we have our COMMANDOS available in our website store. Our website is fun, and girly, and very informative. It showcases our Press, our Testimonials, and of course, Ev'y Femma. In addition, men and women from around the world have found COMMANDOS Patches online and this is how we have now launched our product in South Africa and soon in the UK.

5. During photoshoots it is best not to show panty lines so where can my readers pick up a pack of Commandos?

Your readers can order directly from our website

Where we offer all of our colors and all 3 cotton fabrics (Cotton Fleece, Combed Cotton Interlock and 100% Certified Cotton Jersey). They can also call our tollfree number 866-970-FREE (3733) either to order or to inquire about a retail location near them. COMMANDOS are also available on a number of other websites, including

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