Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do models pay for compcards? answered

A girl asked me recently "How do i make my own compcard? Do i have to pay for it?"

This was my reply:
Ironically, a compcard is not just something a girl who wants to model makes, but it is what will help her get an agency. The compcard, mailing it in the mail, is how you get an agency. Not the opposite of showing up at an open call and the agency handing you everything…Maybe in fashion that happens, but that is VERY small percent of modeling. Print modeling does involve more hands-on work from the model herself. And making a compcard is involved with the marketing process, to get the agency and then you give the agency your compcard to market you with. Similar to an actor mailing a casting director…or talent need your marketing tools.

An aspiring model should make her own compcard, and should plan her photos and know ahead the cost. However the cost can be less than you might think. I use and you can order 40-100 cards, and the prices are reasonable. There are no rules to creating a card or rules. Typically you put one photo (a headshot or beauty shot) on the front with your name...On the back you put 4 different photos that show your range and personality as a model. Your compcard is a mini portfolio of "the type of model you are" that showcases your "look" -from full body, to smiling, to in jeans or in a dress. The range should not be extreme but show that you can model many types of products and should involve nice face shots. Each shot should look like an ad, (even if it isn’t one) and should have the vibe that you can model.

If you do not have many photos to choose from then at the start of your modeling pursuits you can put together just a nice headshot on the front of your compcard and a nice full body standing smiling shot on the back, maybe you are holding a handbag looking over your shoulder and smiling, maybe reaching to fix your shoe or walking you dog…

Even with two shots you can show an agency the vibe that you are as a model and your look easily. I suggest using for reasonable printing costs and quantity can be 40-100 cards…a smaller run of cards can be best to test out a compcard and if modeling is something you want to pursue.


Here is also a video I made on how a model has to make her own marketing material:

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