Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anti-online modeling contest

Unless a modeling contest is put on by a reputable magazine, product or brand and if the magazine, brand or product are those you can relate to and your future goals, an online modeling contest is a waste. Modeling agencies do not take online modeling contests seriously so telling a booker at an agency that you won one doesn’t mean much. Modeling agencies that also hold contests are something that you should think twice about. Just winning a contest is not enough, it is about the promotion afterwards and how you can use it to get ahead and get more opportunities as a model/person. Let’s say you win a contest, but if no magazine sponsored it, and it wasn’t in the news or media, and basically no one knew about it besides the people who were there then you can’t use it towards your future goals. It is honestly better to skip the web, get a compcard printed and mail it to a print modeling agency. So you win a contest but then what? How can it become something to get more opportunities? A year after the contest no one will care, 6 months even, so you would have to think very fast about how to promote your win and get something out of it. And if it is some random jane online modeling hot girl of the week…an agency doesn’t care. That doesn’t mean you can model anything just because you are hot and an agency makes money when you CAN model something for an ad campaign, commercial or product ad. Marketing is a huge part about getting modeling jobs and opportunities and even a modeling contest can hurt your opportunities if it is not a very well credible contest. Even then, I am not a fan of modeling contests, pageants, or online modeling contests as a legit way to go on to bigger things.

When it comes to promotion don't be mislead by the web, flaunting yorself on the internet isn't always a good thing ok. Goodluck! :)

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