Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TFP Photography Shoot and TFCD ?'s answered

TFP is an abbreviation that means Time for Print, it is used among amateur models and photographers mostly. It means that a model does not work for a fee and the photographer does not get paid either, but the photos are for each’s use. Sometimes this involves getting the photos touched up, sometimes you just get a CD after the shoot. So TFCD is more common. Time for CD. Today in a digital world unfortunately not many people shoot film, well amateurs don’t, but professionals do or at least most likely probably have,-that is the difference. Anyways, today the Print aspect of Time for Print is basically gone. But the buzz word still stays around. Sometimes professional photographers test aspiring models or new agency models but many are just too busy with photography jobs with ad campaigns, magazines, and real photography shoots to test models. However recently a girl asked me some TFP questions.

So the next couple of posts will be based on my reply to her 12! questions. It took me about a week to get back to her but I finally did, and I think you might also find this insight on TFP/CD helpful.

First, I think an aspiring model should be extremely careful with TFP/CD, do not just shoot randomly and without thought. Plan your shots and shoots and aim to work with the best photographers possible. There are way to many jerks out there with bad intentions so be careful and know the difference between someone who understands the craft of photography, and some Jack with a camera.

Coming up next is TFP questions answered. These posts might inspire my next radio show segment as well on Blogtalkradio:

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