Friday, May 8, 2009

Submitting to the wrong Modeling agencies?

A girl recently sent me a Myspace message that said:
Hello, I came across your youtube account not that long ago. I'm looking to become a model. I sent my pictures to all the top agencies Elite, Ford, etc. I'm not quite sure if they'd take someone with my height...

This was my reply:

Well it sounds like you are submitting to the wrong agencies. It is best to be realistic and understand that modeling is not just fashion and that fashion agencies are the wrong way for a shorter girl to pursue.

It is better to submit photos to commercial print modeling agencies. Agencies that deal with models for product ads, ads for lifestyle products....not fashion agencies. A short girl only will find opportunities working with good agencies and brands if she markets her self to the right agencies with the right photos.

The photos you should send should show your personality, not fashion, stiff, diva poses, they should be natural, full of energy and happiness, showing you can model products. So also think of products a shorter girl can model.

Research in magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, etc, -NOT high fashion. Notice the ads that involve lifestyle products...commercial products, cell phones, skincare, beauty, tampons, shoes, cars, travel, fitness, etc. Ads that are not for fashion products but lifestyle, every day needs. This is a commercial print modelig job, those are print models.

In NYC, there is FFT Models, Flaunt Models, CESD, Abrams Artists, Rick Miller Agency, and many other agencies which are not as large as FORD and Elite. And these print agencies are what you should submit too- they have good clients and work with models of all heights for commercial print jobs. But you have to show you can model and that you have personality. That is what they want to see.

I would stop by Barnes and Noble and pick up A Ross Reports/ The Call Sheet, booklet put out by it has a list of casting directors, and talent agencies, and these do deal with print models.

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