Friday, May 8, 2009

Remember that TFP Modeling isn't Modeling

I have answered questions about TFP in recent posts, and in my early modeling days I made my mistakes with it, but please do not get sucked into TFP, it can be really risky, and down-right dangerous even. Remember people who do TFP shoots typically do not have any credible work, most of them are clowns! Becareful. To be professional you do have to work with professional.

Musicians, models, photographers,actor, entertainment related pursuits take work, no short cut for success in these fields..sure it might be easy to CALL yourself any of these titles and the internet can make that easy, and reality TV can make it look easy...but it isn't, and for aspiring models the TFP road and social modeling websites, is not the way to go.

There is no test to take to call yourself a model, but real photographers, agents, and models do not use the words TFP in their daily life.

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