Friday, May 22, 2009

Recession Modeling Advice- paying to call yourself a model is a no, no

Spending money on these profile model-sites is not something an aspiring model should do ever. But right now is even more of a time to not use them. The Cost!

Many cheesy model-sites charge you to post your photo and this is a misconception for many reasons.

1. Real casting directors and modeling agents are not searching for models and talent on the web.
2. Paying to put your face on a website doesn't mean you a model
3. The reality is you need a compcard, a headshot and you need to mail by postal mail to agencies to get ahead.

I do feel that model-sites will suffer in the trying times we are in and many people will cancel their accounts. Paying to call yourself a model is never the legit way to do it. Don't get scammed, and do not be mislead, you should make your own compcards and mail them to agencies. Your expectations should be that being a model does involve your own effort, work, and hands-on work.

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