Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Print Models of all colors- start modeling tips

I do not think ethnicity has anything do to with holding a girl back from modeling. Not today. Not when every ad campaign/commercial, seems to have always a mix of ethnicities involved. Just watch commercials and look at lifestyle print ads you will notice this too. The first thing I suggest is Get a nice smiling shot, headshot, and mail it to print modeling agencies. Agencies that work with models of all heights and sizes. They are out there. The advertising world uses them, so there is a demand for all types of models, just watch TV! and look at ads in Marie Claire, Glamour, Redbook, and others out there. There are women of all ethnicities in ads for lifestyle products from jewelry, to tampons to cell phones, travel ads, to fast foot, to shoes, handbags, notice ads that involve a product or service. To model you have to know how to market yourself to get modeling work in a realistic way and legit way. So notice where models ARE used of all colors ,sizes, shapes. Notice these ads, and create photos that look natural but have an "ad" feel. Looking like you are selling a product, involved modeling one, and naturally showing it off…could a shot of you putting on lipstick, wearing some cute shoes sitting on a couch and smiling natural, laughing like you are having a good time, could b you walking down the street walking a dog, but it is best to look ad for lifestyle products and try to create photos that have the vibe of ads.. So start with getting that smile shot and these types of photos. Honestly your friend could take them to start or mom!.., then get a compcard printed, once you have your marketing tools you can mail, mail, mail print modeling agencies, mail casting directors, mail talent agencies that book models for print, tv and commercial work! It is all about how you market and target yourself and your photos will speak for you so make sure you create the ones that WILL help you..like I mentioned above.

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