Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preparing for Modeling basics segment featured:

My recent segment on my podcast was called Preparing for Modeling Basics.

Before Photography you should be thinking about what you can actually model. Being realistic can be the hardest part but also the best thing for a girl to do. The more honest you are with yourself the better.

Also I think a good way to get ahead is by knowing yourself, and what your best features are. Focusing on them and within your photos show your best features in the best way. Knowing what you can offer the industry before you even plan a photo shoot is a good idea. Look at ads, editorials and strive to produce the best photos you can. A big thing is making sure your photography is professional. It is better to show one great image than ten just ok ones that won’t tell an agency or casting director..this girl should be booked for the job.

Gradually enter modeling, do not think it will all happen over night. It is a process, it is work and it can take months and years to start booking great work.

Know how to model. Even practice, look at ads, look at magazines, notice commercials.
Whether you are modeling your shoe for a shoe ad or a beauty product, you should know how to pose naturally ahead of time, before the casting. At castings you are sometimes asked to model products, or you would smile or show your face and you are not given direction. Usually you just have to know or assume what to do.

As alluring as the internet is, professional agencies, and casting directors do not discover talent, models, etc on the web typically. So do not bank on your Myspace or Facebook to be discovered.

Tools: 2 main things.
1. Modeling compcard is the best thing to have. A modeling portfolio is of course professional but many times the casting director, magazine editor, etc might not even look inside it, so focus on making your compcard shine with the best photos possible that relate to the type of modeling you can do. I went to a casting yesterday and no one looked at portfolios, they just wanted your compcards.

2. Aside researching print modeling agencies, Pick up The Call Sheet, it is put out by Backstage. You can find it in Barnes and Noble for about ten bucks, it has a list of modeling agencies, talent agences, casting directors and it is a very handy and helpful tool for mailed submissions.
Of course you need a compcard to mail!

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