Friday, May 1, 2009

Photographers to avoid- picking a photographer

Here are some things to avoid and ask yourself when picking a photographer:

1. Are the photographer's photos way too Photoshopped? You do not want your photos to have massive touch-up because as a shorter girl you should aim to create commercial print photos and commercial print modeling agencies do not want to see a ton of airbrush like photos of you hiding who you really are.

2. Are the photographer's photos only nude or glamour-ish? This is a bad thing for a girl who want to be a model that works with agencies. A real model, a girl booking modeling work with real brands have photos that have advertising, editorial and commercial, glamour, and tasteless nudes can lead to trouble, mistakes, and regrets for a new, naive girl who is curious about modeling so skip that crap.

3. Does the photographer have experience working with magazines, brands, and has tearsheets to prove it? You should want to work with a professional, a person who understands the craft of photography but also someone who has an established portfolio and real photography goals, not just a random guy with a camera with Photoshop skills.

4. Avoid TFP shoots that do not give you the photos the day of the shoot. Avoid photo shoots that are not well planned and you should meet the photographer ahead of time to discuss what YOU are looking for.

5. Approach a photographer with ideas, be more than a girl who says "ummm" a lot. Be a smart model, know what you need a head of time and don't just joke around with the word and work with photographers who really are photographers not just a person who owns a fancy camera.

I strongly feel you will have to basically art direct the shoot to get what YOU need for a modeling agency submission.

I would visit the websites of print modeling agencies...and show examples before you shoot, meet this photographer ahead of time. Stress what YOU need...commercial shots are about personality and show you doing something...walking a dog, smiling while putting on shoes, happy photos. Sitting in a cafe with coffee and laughing...real personality.

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