Monday, May 18, 2009

Petite Models do not need...the runway

Petite models do not need the runway, they do not need to learn how to walk, a petite model needs to use her personality to get modeling work and an agency.

A petite model does not need a modeling school.

A petite model should not dwell on her height.

A petite should use what she does have to get ahead and not focus on what she doesn't.

Modeling is more than fashion but you have to see it that way.

A petite model doesn't need pin-up or glamour photos.

A petite model does need a smile shot, headshot, and close up, and photography that shows her personality.

A shorter model should be prepared for the hands-on work it takes to work in the business.

Modeling is a business so remember it is not just based on being pretty,perfect or a certain height, it is based on how much work you put in, if you know how to market yourself and if you take the time and actually really try.

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Alina Farace said...

Modeling is more than fashion but runway models do not need petite. In your blog inforamtion about petite modeling tips. Nice posting!!!