Sunday, May 10, 2009

Modeling in catalogs and in magazines

Catalog modeling involves smiles, personality and showing you can model a product. If you go to Sears, Macy's, you can see how the models are wearing the product-jewerly, shoes- clothing, swim, sleepwear, but the expression is really about being "happy" "comfortable" themselves, and positive. Holding a handbag but smiling while you walk down the street. Modeling a product involves looking natural, knowing how to wear it, use it, -model it- in a natural way. As if it is yours. Holding the handbag as if it is yours and you love it.

It is best to look at catalogs that involve modeling products that are accessories. Shorter girls can model accessories products more often than fashio clothing items. Mainly because Catalog modeling involves being the sample size of the clothing and the sample size is usually a 4 or 6 and it is cut for a girl who is 5'7" or so.. which means it is not typical for a shorter model to do much catalog work, but you can still target your photos with a commercial print style and energy to model products such as jewerly,shoes, handbags.

And modeling in magazines is called "editorial modeling." You shoudl craft your photos to involve making them look like they tell a story. If you look in Cosmo, Marie Claire, Redbook, and more lifestyle magazines you will notice that the photos that go with the stories tell a story themselves. So it is best to focus on making your photos look like you are "doing something" sort of telling a story.

It is a good idea to obvious ads, editorials and commercials and craft your photos targeted towards the agencies you want to work with and what you can offer. For a shorter girl it means knowing you have to use your personality, your energy and natural ablity to model products, whether it is a furniture ad, or tampon ad! You have to know how to tell a story with your look, without saying anything and just with the persons you give through being photogenic.

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Alina Farace said...

She has given pose like a promotional model in photo. You have given fantastic information for the Catalog modeling.